A full guide for your vacation in Santorini

A full guide for your vacation in Santorini

Are you planning your vacation in Santorini Island Santorini car rental this year? Is it the first time you’re going to Greece? Then you are going to need a full guide for your vacation and Santorini! We are going to go over your stay and accommodation, the beach isWe are going to go over your stay and accommodation, the beaches, the food, everything!

Keep reading to find more about the wonderful island of Santorini!

Where to swim in Santorini

Perissa, Perivolos and Ai-Giorgis, are very cosmopolitan, very organized beaches, with black volcanic rocks. In Vlychada the landscape is magnificent. Theros, on the road to Vlychada, resembles Bali, but you can hardly swim without some beach shoes. There are too many rocks and you are probably going to hurt your feet if you go in there barefoot!


The Red Beach has small red pebbles, a little path to reach it, and a lot of people as it is very popular. On the north side of the island there are  the beaches called Baxedes and Kolouipos, which are more “alternative”. At these beaches you are going to party a lot! . If it is windy though, it is difficult to go into the water and if you do, be careful!

Also, if you are there with your family and you are having kids or seniors with you, not all beaches are for you. So bear with us while we tell you about our favorite beach for kids and seniors!

Where to eat when in Santorini

Santorini is the first island that raised the flag of Cycladic gastronomy! “Capital” of the famous Assyrtiko variety, has many wineries with wonderful wines, most of which are allowing visitors for tastings. This year, more than any other season, the island receives the landing of Athenian famous chefs. The most prestigious restaurant on the island is located in Pyrgos.

In Fira, the Ovac of the hotel Cavo Tagoo Santorini has excellent Chronis Daialas at the position of executive chef. Tassos Stefatos, has taken over all the Canaves hotels this year, in the Petra restaurant he suggests advanced Greek cuisine with chef Vassilis Roussos. In Fira at Idol, νούnou is hosted by Panagiotis Giakalis, with Dimitris Chronopoulos in the sweet cuisine. In the new hotel Katikies Garden, Harris Nikolouzos takes over De Paul’s kitchen while the amazing Christoforos Peskias will take care of the Athenian House in Ierovigli.

If you will experience the fine dining of Greece while being in Santorini as these chefs we mentioned above are some of the most acclaimed chefs in Greece and Europe. Of course, you have the option to dine in more budget-friendly places such as traditional local taverns and restaurants like the ones you will find

What museums to see when in Santorini

The Lost Atlantis Experience Museum, in Megalochori, the first interactive Museum for the Bottom of the lazy Atlantis! There, through a series of installations, you will see how the Bottom of Atlantis is connected to the catastrophic eruption of the Santorini volcano. In fact, in the 9D augmented reality room, the earthquake, the volcano eruption and the tsunami come to life again right in front of your eyes!

It is an amazing experience for kids and adults as they guide you through the different types of physical phenomena. Another grea t museum in Santorini is the Archaeological museum where you can find many clues and remains of the ancient history of Santorini.


Wine tasting in Santorini

You can not go to Santorini ans not attend a wine tasting. Santorini is one of the islands with great wineries that you can visit and of course taste the sweet Santorinian wine along with some local delicacies. Trying the wines with a view is an amazing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!

Cultural nights

Santorini is municipality organizers many cultural nights. If you’re lucky enough during your stay, you will manage to attend concerts, theater nights, cultural nights and many more. You will be amazed by the difference customs off the Greeks people of some training.

You can also visit the local open air cinemas. It is Open during the summer and you can see many classical movies there while enjoying your food and drinks offered by the cinema. You can also go to the open air cinema if you have children or seniors with you do you enjoy classical or new movies.

Enjoy your vacation in Santorini!

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