What is a Tiled Roof and why choose it?

What is a Tiled Roof and why choose it?

It is no coincidence that in recent years or rather centuries the tiled roof is the favorite choice of most to cover the roof. What is a Tiled Roof and why choose it? It really is the most beautiful architectural proposal for any house, both for their appearance and for the benefits that one enjoys from their placement. Montclair Roofing employs trustworthy workers and is managing for many years carpentry, painting, contracting, house restoration and renovation services in New Jersey towns.

It is a classic choice in houses in the countryside, as they protect the house from the strange climatic conditions. Apart from that, they add high aesthetics and beauty to the landscape. Of course, you will see them even in big urban cities. If you take a good look at the view from your balcony, you will definitely see a building with a tiled roof. The only sure thing is that it will stand out among the uniform roofs of the apartment buildings.

What is a Tiled Roof and why choose it?

Tiled roofs are the roofs of buildings that are made mainly of wooden base. The tiles are placed on it, giving the building personality and uniqueness.

What benefits will you gain from installing a tiled roof?

We usually find them in houses, roofs, cottages, small buildings or pergolas. Generally, mainly in areas with high altitude, as the advantages it offers, favor the specific houses. The main benefits of installing a tiled roof are:

It will reduce your bills for heating and cooling your home and therefore quickly pay off your investment. It has low maintenance costs, durability and its installation is very simple. It also provides fire protection and they have high resistance to moisture and bad weather conditions (waterproof). It is the definitive solution to rainwater inflow, because it ensures absolute waterproofing on the roofs.

It provides a good level of insulation, can be adapted to all roofs. There is a variety of colors to suit every home, has high aesthetics in Montclair roofing and it is a beautiful architectural choice. It has excellent elasticity (197%) and behaves perfectly in extreme weather conditions and large temperature changes on the roof surface (heat – frost, etc.). Tiled roof prevents the growth of fungus, salts, microorganisms and blackheads by preventing the disintegration of materials, ensuring that tiles and riders will never crack or break again.

The repair

Due to its high durability, they show little damage that can be easily repaired. The procedure is simple: The broken tiles are welded with a strong repairing cement mortar and then sealed with a spreadable cementitious sealant. After the repair of the tiled roof, maintenance is required once a year, with study and inspection.

The key reasons you will need repair are the following. Damage from natural phenomena (eg rain, wind and earthquake) or if a leakage from the tiled roof occurs. Also, there might be defects in construction if it isn’t installed properly. Also, you need to repair your montclair roofing if there is lack of good waterproofing and insulation.

What are the main types of tiled roofs?

There are several types of tiles to choose from. The most popular are ceramic tiles, plastic, asphalt and concrete.

Tiled roof with ceramic tiles: The number 1 choice in tiled roofs as they stand out for their beauty and their resistance to the effects of the external environment. The main disadvantage is the weight. However it is a beautiful architectural choice.

Tile roof with plastic tiles: They stand out for their resemblance to ceramic tiles. It is a charming choice made with polypropylene technology. They are easy to install. In fact, the benefits you gain in insulation and waterproofing create ideal temperatures inside the house. However, their main disadvantage is their stingy price.

Tiled roof with concrete tiles: The ideal choice for areas with low temperatures. Their basic construction material is lightweight concrete, which makes them almost indestructible and therefore durable. The only drawback is their high weight.

Tile roof with bituminous tiles: Asphalt tiles are essentially tarpaulins treated to look like tiles. They are distinguished for their high waterproofing and low cost. Its disadvantage is the flat face.

Tiled roof with tile panels: Tiled panels impress for their resemblance to the classic tile. You can find them in various variations in quality, color and shape. They are distinguished for their resistance to weather conditions and shocks. Prices vary and can cater to any budget.

What should you pay attention to in the construction of a tiled roof?

If the construction of the tiled roof is carried out by a Gikas specialized craftsman, it will ensure your safety from severe weather conditions. However, the main point of attention is the waterproofing of the tiled roof and its insulation. Proper waterproofing of the tiled roof will prevent the inflow of water and the creation of moisture inside the house.

The sealing work must be carried out after the thermal insulation of the tiled roof. The most common sealing methods are the placement of bituminous membrane or breathable. In general, both the thermal insulation of the tiled roof and the waterproofing will increase its life limit and will save you from damage and repair costs.

What will you gain from roof insulation?

Roof insulation offers countless advantages and the amortization of money is done immediately. These are the main benefits of roof insulation:

You will save money on heating and cooling costs. Your house will avoid of moisture and mold problems, but also their repair costs. You may increase the value of your building as well and you will be protected against future inconvenience of repair work. Moreover, roof insulation will help maintain a pleasant temperature inside the house.

What are its benefits?

It can reduce heating costs (savings can be as high as 60%). With proper roof insulation the house is kept cool in summer and warm in winter. Moisture can be avoided on wall surfaces. Also, it keeps away all annoying noises , meaning it provides soundproofing.

When is the right time for insulation?

We all know that it is better to do the insulation during the summer months. However, with the development of technology and new materials, thermal and waterproofing work can be done all year round in Montclair roofing.

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