These are the biggest trends in swimwear for 2022

There are two words that for many years, women heard in awe: bikini season. The idea of ​​wearing your swimsuit (μαγιό) and going to the beach, for many women, instead of being synonymous with carefreeness, well-being and beautiful, summer memories, has been linked to his fear of showing off our bodies. Isn’t that a bit tragic? The roots of the wrong patterns are so deep that as the weather “warms up”, dietitians get to work. The goal is now one: to build a body for the beach.

Obviously this is not reprehensible. It’s nothing if you do it without hurting other people. But do we hurt ourselves like that? It is important to do things that make us happy. Things that are our choices and not orders of a flawed society. Let this season be more enjoyable, without taboos and help us to deal slowly with our insecurities. Hoping that this will make us love ourselves more. Let this be a season that while reading about swimwear trends for 2022, we will be excited, instead of scared.

Because we will imagine ourselves wearing these trends and we will be inspired to try something new, whatever our body type. I believe that after two years of pandemic, after two difficult years, this summer will be the least liberating. Swimwear trends for 2022, in part, urge us to achieve this. Through bold cuts, interesting materials and plenty of inspiration from the 80s, this year’s trends challenge us to try new things.

80s, glam, shine, comfort: Swimwear trends for 2022 have it all

This is the first summer we do after two years, when we can feel free. Society has almost returned to its good old habits and this has a clear impact on swimwear trends for 2022. There is a need for glam, and this in fashion has been confirmed in many ways so far. This also affects the trends in swimwear, which, while they may be on the verge of kitsch, are ideal to excite us again for fashion.

This, comes to meet this “break free” mood associated with female, sexual liberation. Somehow, cut-outs and the tiniest designs make their presence felt this year. The influence of the fashion of the ’80s, which when it comes to swimwear, introduced us to the high leg styles, the gold chains and the shiny details, also contributes to this.

Of course, styles that we have worn in recent years, such as high-waisted swimsuits and soft, rib and knitted fabrics, remain in the “front line” of trends, offering even more options to women, to find the right one for their style.

All this is accompanied by the inclusion in the body types that we see exist, from the sizes to the campaigns of the swimwear brands, where various types of beauty are displayed. All this helps us to see a little differently in this era in which we are slowly entering. Thus, the famous “swimsuit season” may become more enjoyable, and through it we can experiment with our beach style, trying new styles.

Chain, chain, chain

Think of chains instead of laces, large gold rings connecting two fabrics together and generally anything that celebrates gold jewelry and accessories. Instead of wearing them around your neck and arms, you will now “wear” them in your swimsuit.

Shine on me

Designers do not want to spend indifferent this summer, since one of the biggest trends in swimwear for 2022 is shiny fabrics. The range is wide. From swimsuits in glitter fabrics to the most shiny, lingerie type (back to the 80s), with this trend you will shine.

Higher than ever

Inspired by the 50s and 60s, the high-waisted swimsuits have their honorary and this year. With the house of Chanel bringing the high-waisted bikini sets to the catwalk, this style becomes again one of the musts of the season. From high leg highs to the most traditional bottoms, this “trend” is timeless.

Tie me up

One of the trends in swimwear for 2022, “brings” some of our most favorite accessories and incorporates them in swimwear. Aka belted swimsuits with a belt, return, offering us effortlessly elegant beach looks. You will see these belts, in one-piece swimsuits, but also in bottoms, thus offering us options.

Cut it out

Cut-outs are already a big trend in clothes and now it is “transferred” to the trends in swimwear for 2022. Somehow, our swimsuits automatically become sexier and more interesting, while allowing us to express our sexiness through these unique designs.

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