Interior Fireproof Doors, safety and resistance to fire

Every home is different, as well as the method you pick to set out your living room. From the colours you use to the furnishings that works for you, shows the personality of those that live there. That’s why choosing the right fireproof doors (portes pyrasfaleias) to suit your home is so important. In some cases it’s practical to understand which doors are prominent, so here are our top-ten door predictions for 2019.

Specific Door Finishes:

Timber Veneers

Fire doors can be produced with high quality veneer coatings, matching the look of a wide series of lumber types. Timber, being a natural product, will certainly have variations, however you can ensure that all door surfaces are consistent throughout your project, which they match, or complement, each other throughout the areas.


Your project will more than likely need indoor doors with glass some place within the building. Bespoke glazed displays can be made in various designs, type and also thicknesses, to make sure, not just the safety called for honesty and insulation, but likewise the look you desire for your surface.

Laminate Facings

Laminate doors might be a preferred selection over traditional wood, dependent upon the project as well as the final appearance you’re trying to create. Laminates supply a difficult, scrape immune surface that is easy to tidy. Various laminate coatings such as ordinary, formed or timber grain are offered to match any kind of bordering floor covering or wall coverings.


A number of various paint quality alternatives are available– you can pick different surfaces, based on the materials used to make the door, to acquire the completed look you need.

Your picked doors manufacturer will have all the crucial needed technical and regulative requirements details, in addition to having the ability to recommend you on the visual surfaces to ensure you attain a stylish as well as corresponding finish to your fire doors throughout your job.

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