Photos of iPhone 6 parts provide more clue on the details of the new device

For many people especially iPhone fans, everything about the new iPhone 6 including the iPhone parts must be always interesting to check out. Therefore, it must be great to know the photos of the parts appear in the internet so that more about the new device can be confirmed. You know, many rumors regarding the new product by Apple has been appeared in the internet and the photos of the parts must answer some of the questions raised.

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About the photos of iPhone 6 parts

Well, the source where the photos of iPhone 6 parts appear shows us better clues toward how Apple makes the improvements to the new device. Starting from the camera, the photos show that this looks larger than what we can find in the previous model. It also shows the technology for the optical image stabilization. Regarding the two variants of the iPhone 6, it can be seen that there is a possibility that the smaller and bigger versions will have different camera modules. This information seems to give us the clue whether or not different variants will have different hardware including the camera as well as other parts of the new device.

Another important fact regarding the photos of the new iPhone 6 parts is the pictures of protective mesh. It is used for the speakers and the microphone holes. This gives us another important detail of the improvement done by Apple. Of course, we need to check out further pictures regarding the parts of the new iPhone 6 in order to get more details.

Do you think that the pictures of the iPhone 6 parts will lead you to hunt for the new product? If so, you should check other posts we have regarding the new device to know more about the new product by Apple.

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