One night stand: What to watch out for and what to avoid

You are not in a relationship, a lot of work has been done in the office and you are chasing your career, but you also have some physical needs – Athens Escorts – to cover. You just want a night to release your accumulated eroticism, without the dating package. It’s perfectly normal, you want your freedom without being emotionally attached to anyone at this time.

It’s Saturday night, you drank your drinks, you know someone, you both want to have pure free sex, end of story. The next morning embarrassment spreads in the atmosphere, one of the two must leave and follow the path of shame. Absolutely no shame between us, a wise saying goes that it is not an anomaly when they both agree.

You are ready organizational and you want to take your own measures. Because very smart people learn from the mistakes of others.

Drink, but do not overdo it

When choosing the knight of the night, it’s good to have no pieces. Neither does he. Sex will probably be a failure, you may even fall asleep during it. You want to do it to have a good time, not because you are drunk.

Drink helps you make the decision, but it’s very thin line to cross the line. At one night stand all you do not want to do is regret it as soon as you see him in the light of day.

Your house or my home?

If you manage to bring him home, you have the advantage of being in your place and in control of the situation. However, if you go to his house, you have the opportunity to leave whenever you want and then not change the sheets. Either way, let your friends know where you are just in case.

Show respect

Okay, you will not restore it, your relationship will last a maximum of twelve hours. You will not make him a friend on Facebook either. You are there only to satisfy each other’s appetites and nothing else.

This does not mean, of course, that you will suddenly become unacceptable. You have manners, you are a lady and you are also clear. If you have doubts about the child’s intentions, tell him that all you want is a temporary pleasure. No kidding, it’s an extremely bad attack, say something else that states this.

Be dazzling

In one night’s sex, you offer each other your services. Sex is not as good with a stranger as it is with someone you know. So since what you learn about him, you will learn at that time, make sure you give your best. Live the whole package until you get home, drink your drinks, flirt, do a lot of preliminaries and then have sex. It will roll better and he will look to reciprocate. You want something hot, not lukewarm.


A condom is necessary. Especially in a one night stand. You do not want to get pregnant, nor any STD. If you plan to go out tonight and bring him home, make sure you have a condom with you. If you forget it, remember to take it on the way to your house or his house. If you forget even then, do not have sex.


I do not know you do not know me, I suffer and you suffer. You do not expect anything from him and he does not expect anything from you, so why not experiment? Whatever you are ashamed to try with someone you have been dating for a while, you can try it now. You do not care if he characterizes you.

Avoid embarrassment

The simplest way to avoid it is not to spend more time with him. Maybe it is good to avoid sleeping there, as long as a hand will feel hugging you. Emotion(in any form in such ephemeral relationships can only have a negative effect. You may nostalgia for your ex, get caught up in existentialism, or start criticizing yourself. To have a good time, do not do this to yourself.

Of course, it is forbidden to have breakfast with you if you stay there for the night. You need to have formal conversations that will spoil all the magic.

Bye, bye

Before you leave his apartment and his life forever, say hello. A goodbye, something. You have ways even if you regretted it because it was ultimately a fiasco. Do not be ashamed, go to the bathroom, freshen up and leave with dignity.

If you are at home find an excuse to tell him to leave. Usually the best is the one with the arrival of your mother. If you are a hard nut to crack, you can skip the excuse and politely ask him to leave.

A one night stand can be very successful and fill you with confidence without commitments and obligations. The most important thing is not to regret it afterwards.



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