General rules Definition of a game : The game consists of two 25-minute periods. There will be 5 minutes of warm up before the match. Two minutes break between periods. The last minute of the match is in time to stop at break time only if the margin is one goal and less. Two points for a win and 1 point for a draw.

Team Composition : Teams must consist of a minimum of 9 players. The games are played 3 against 3 plus a goalkeeper. Each team must have a captain and an assistant to represent their club, they are responsible for communications between the referee and the organizer and their players.

Jerseys and team names : Each team must choose a name and must wear numbered jerseys, we reserve the right to refuse your name or your jersey. All teams may have a sponsor with the approval of the LHCF league.

Equipment : The wooden hockeys are forbidden.

Rules during the game

The LHCF league reserves the right to change the rules in the interests of the league. Each decision will be discussed at the committee and players will be consulted if needed.

Stops of games

The team that stops the game loses the ball and the referee decides or will resume the game. No obstacle creates a stoppage of play unless a player on the bench touches while directing the ball in the game. opponent to 5 seconds to resume the game. And you must be at a distance of 2 meters for the resumption of play. After 5 seconds the game starts again automatically. No time out except in the second round one per team maximum one minute.

You can not touch the ball with a stick higher than the horizontal bar of the net
You can not close your hand on the ball
A pass with the hand is forbidden

A penalty results in a face-off in your territory. The referee decides where he has a face-off, After a goal, the face-off is in the center. As long as you have players in the penalty bench, you play shorthanded. A penalty for each team at the same time does not remove any players from the game. A team can not play with less than two players on the game (excluding the goalkeeper).

2 minutes of punishment

Have to hang
Have to remember
To obstruct or tribal
Stick up (higher than the horizontal bar)
One player too much on the game. Changes to the bench must be within 2 meters
Abuse language
To delay the match
Only the captain or the assistant can argue with the referee. The other players are liable to 2 minutes penalty for delaying the match or for anti-sports.
The goalkeeper can not freeze the ball in a radius exceeding 2 meters, pass the 2 meters if the goalkeeper freezes the ball she will receive a penalty of 2 minutes for delaying the game. Unless he puts the ball back into play within 2 seconds of stopping.
The 2 minutes are canceled after a goal by the power play team.
4 minutes of punishment

A check or darting the opponent
Having an unsportsmanlike conduct
4 minutes are canceled after 2 goals from the power play team
A penalty of 4 minutes equals 2 penalties of 2 minutes
Expulsion from the match + 5 minutes of punishment

The games will have to be played with discipline
Plating in the wall, assault or double failure
Given knee or elbow
Three penalties to the same player in the match result in an expulsion from the match
5 minutes are not canceled after a power play team goals

Expulsion from the match + 5 minutes of punishment

Give a 6 inch, threat, intimidation or participation in a fight
You must respect the regulations and the staff of the establishment under penalty of expulsion
You jostle or intimidate staff you expose yourself to lawsuits and or civil
Launched penalty

Tripping or obstructing an escaped player
Goal refused

A player who harms the goalie (foot in the box)