Women’s Hockey League Cosom Hockey League Playoffs
In the playoffs, a team captain or assistant may request a time out only once in the match. After 3 periods if the match is equal, the match will continue in overtime until a goal is scored to determine the winner.

Finalists in the playoffs will receive a medal as a souvenir.

The champions win the LHCF Cup the name of the team and the players will be
entered on the cup. However the cup belongs to the league and the league agrees
to lend the cup a week to each winning player under certain conditions.

The best players will receive an individual trophy marking their excellent season.

All winners have their names listed in the official LHCF book and posted on the
official website of the LHCF.

Individual honors

Best Goalkeeper Goal : Best average in case of a tie we will look at the percentage of effectiveness.

Best pointer : In case of a tie the most goal wins. Still equal the point average per match.

Top scorer : In the event of a tie, most wins. Still equal the point average per match.

Best passer : In case of a tie the most goal wins. Still equal the point average per match.

Best Offensive Defender : No more points wins, even more goals win.

Best defensive defenseman : Captains and assistants vote, except for players on their team.

Best sportsmanship : Captains and assistants vote except for players on their team.

Best team captain : The referees, the organizers vote.

Parts of the stars

The best players in each category of the LHCF league will play a star game at the end of the season. The trophy (The star) will be awarded to the best player of this match. (The referee, the 2 captains and the 2 assistants will vote for this trophy.

First star team.
A goalie : The best goaltender in the league
Four before : The first, third, fifth and seventh best league points.
Three defenders : The first and third best offensive defenseman.
And the first defensive defender (who was voted)

Second Star Team
A goalkeeper : The league’s second best goaltender
Four forward : The league’s second, fourth, sixth and eighth best pointers.
Three defenders : The second and fourth best offensive defenseman and the second best defensive defenseman who was voted.

Two players (one in each team) will name the player of the match.

The player who has accumulated the most star will have a purse of $ 25.00 dollars.

A sum of 100.00 dollars will be given to the team which will finish in first place of the season.

An amount of $ 100.00 will be awarded to the losing finalist team in the playoff series.
The champions of the cup will be given the sum of 200.00.

All awards will be given at a party at the end of the season. If you are absent during this evening we give you your prize only one month after the party.
The party is free to enter.