Desperate Wife Asks: How to Save My Sexless Marriage

No one said that marriage is easy. Its something that no one is an expert on. What everyone should know is that its a relationship. There are moments that it has ups and downs and these are actually the challenges that you have to face as a couple. There would be many difficulties and one of them would be to keep your man in your bed and not share him with a professional lady (Athens call girl or Athens call girls).

Now, marriage has a lot of components and one of it is sex. Its funny when you go to mass and you hear the pastor say that couples are so unpredictable. When they are not yet married, you can’t take them out of the bed but after they are married, you cannot make them go to bed. Yes its funny but behind all the laughs is the hard reality that this incident actually happens and most of the time, its the wife left weeping.
Ladies, i know its hard to be in this situation but what you should know is that there’s still something that you can do about it. Crying is a good way of venting out but after it, make your move and do everything to make him cry for your name this time… in bed.

Do a makeover

Women nowadays are so busy that they often forget to care about themselves. This is ok when you have no husband but when you do, maybe you should start getting up early and putting on extra time for yourself. Try going to the salon and having a makeover. The secret here is the surprise. Gradual changes are ok but if you want the full effect of it, risk it by having a full makeover. Surprise him after work and wait for him outside his office. Let’s see how many miles per hour will he race your car to your house just to get you in bed.

Make time for your spouse

When was the last time that you actually had time for each other? Because of too many things that you commit yourself to do, you forget that your husband needs you too. Start managing your time so that you will have an evening alone with him.

Ask him to go home early so that you can spend the night in a hotelor you can you out of town once in a while. Make him feel that you are prioritizing him over anything. Besides, how can you possibly have sex when you go home and he’s already sneezing and he go to work while you are knocked out in bed?

The worst thing would be if he did not want to have sex with you because he was tired having sex with Athens call girl or Athens call girls.

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