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7 Points To Keep an eye out For BEFORE Acquiring A Natural Leather Bag




These are the messages you’re sending out with a high quality leather bag.

Often times– they’re fantastic icebreakers at specialist or networking events.

But … are all natural leather bags produced equal?


Sadly– the horror stories exist.

Male invest $1,000 on a natural leather bag and also 6 months later on:

The natural leather starts fracturing
The stitching comes reversed
The equipment starts to corrosion

There are points to look out for prior to getting leather bags.

This post is meant to highlight the bottom lines to take into consideration prior to you take out your purse.

Their leather bags are complete grain vegetable tanned leather. Also Known As– the very best you can get & far superior to “genuine leather”. Their layouts are vintage passionate & marginal + functional. They are made to last a life time.

Since they are a straight to customer deluxe natural leather bag firm— their rates are incredibly cost effective for the top quality. As well as they are made right here in the U.S.A..

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1. Kind Of Leather Utilized

Like shoes and also leather jackets, you intend to choose a bag that’s constructed from complete grain natural leather. It’s top-notch natural leather that looks even more fantastic after years and years of usage.

The most effective leathers develop an appealing patina– a weathered, sheeny appearance which a material gets through aging. The higher the top quality, the better the patina. It’s not something you’ll obtain with greatly dealt with natural leather or other lesser grades.

Avoid bags that are made from bonded natural leather. These bags really utilize scrap items of natural leather which have been remodelled with chemicals and also plastics into a second-rate variation of leather.

It doesn’t age well or have that distinct, good leather odor. It’s rather typical these days and sales people attempt to advertise them as genuine natural leather products. Beware– they come at low prices yet are not value for money.

2. Tanning Process

The leathers made use of for bags and instances aren’t prepared similarly. You require to recognize the distinctions between 2 major tanning procedures: chrome tanning and veggie sun tanning (specifically given that they impact the rate).

For chrome tanned natural leather, the procedure involves chromium and also various other extreme chemicals. It’s finished in a number of days– which is why their items are always cheap. Chrome tanned leather accounts for about 90% of the leather market.

Then we have vegetable tanned leather. It’s created in an environment-friendly means, unlike chrome tanned leather. The term “vegetable” refers to the natural materials that are utilized while doing so (such as tree bark).

Here the cowhides experience a pre-tanning stage in which they are rehydrated with all the hair got rid of. Each conceal is reduced right into 2 items called “sides”– which are after that taken into big barrels and also full of all-natural tannins. For a number of weeks– not days– they are taken in tanning liquor.

Since the whole process is longer, many vegetable tanned natural leather items tend to be thicker as well as stiffer than chrome tanned natural leather ones (however get softer at some point when the natural leather breaks in). That’s why vegetable sun tanning works best for higher end bags. The leathers transcend to their chrome tanning counterparts in character, sturdiness and also holding capacity. They’re known for their traditional leather scent in addition to exceptional patina.

One firm I recognize that makes use of veg sun tanning is Jackson Wayne. In a globe of items from both extremes– pricey designer options as well as economical top quality ones– their bags are a breath of fresh air. Jackson Wayne natural leather bags are designed with excellent design and also capability. They’re likewise economically priced.

These people have an amazing quality assurance process that assures long-lasting baggage. They also supply a life time guarantee that covers any kind of issues you may encounter with their items (but the opportunities of those are quite slim!).

3. Country Of Origin & Making.

A lot of times, the beginning of the natural leather figures out the top quality of the bag. We know of some nations that frequently generate top quality natural leather like Italy, England, France and also the US. History reveals that those nations have a great performance history of tanning natural leather well.

Yet nowadays you require a little bit even more discernment– particularly when it concerns tags. There are firms which try to maximize the “Italy” track record by doing all the work in one more nation and also merely completing the natural leather in Italy. After that they mark the product as Italian leather– which is how they sell chrome tanned natural leather or low-quality leathers at higher rates.

You’ll wish to keep an eye out for costs natural leather– where the conceal selection and sun tanning are all executed in Italy or various other trusted countries. You can only trust individuals there to have fantastic skill and also attention to detail throughout the bag making process.

Jackson Wayne uses premium vegetable tanned leather from an American Tannery that’s been in business since 1867.

4. Durability & Handwork.

The most effective natural leather bags originate from the most durable natural leathers. They’re specialist artworks– it’s not just about putting various components with each other. Two things need to be involved: (1) a mindful selection of leather and also (2) exact sewing.

The optimal bag can hold a specific weight and be walked around without being deteriorated at all. That’s why the grain is vital– full-grain leather makes the most sturdy bags. But top-grain leather is a more budget friendly alternative that likewise works.

The sewing on a bag should be right, barely recognizable as well as with no loosened strings. It’s important that you check the inner and outer surfaces for this uniformity.

The handles must additionally be attached to the body through enhanced sewing or metal components. You don’t want those manages glued to the bag– they’re at threat of obtaining loose or coming off.

5. Equipment.

Prior to you buy a natural leather bag, examine the quality of all the little parts. It always assists to analyze the details from each side of the bag. These are the attributes you ought to pay attention to:.

  • Buckles.
  • Manages.
  • Locks.
  • Metallic rings.
  • Shoulder band installations.
  • Zippers (keep in mind that steel zippers are of much better quality than plastic zippers).

For bags to acquire online– zoom in on the photos so you can have a look at the private parts. Additionally keep in mind to look at (or request for) images that reveal the bag with its zipper closed and open.

6. Color

Right here’s a break down of the typical natural leather bag shades and also the environment each: black, dark brown, tan and light brown.

Black and also dark brown are best fit for expert atmospheres. They predict a feeling of authority as well as power. Tan as well as lighter brownish go well with an extra laid-back or relaxed working environment.

One of the most formal option is black, as it matches suits of all shades. Yet bear in mind that dark brown (chocolate) natural leather is another ideal option. This color can stay very sophisticated and also elegant also after a years.

Avoid bags which have greater than 2 different shades or have sewing with a contrasting shade. These bags are viewed as flamboyant. A solitary shade would certainly be the most safe bet.

7. Statement

Lastly, you ought to think about the kind of declaration you wish to make with your bag. The design ought to be ideal for your occupation.

The bag itself must do what you require it to do. The appropriate selection can take your design and also image to the next level. It assists you make an effective statement any place you go.

According to that– it is very important to recognize the differences in between a briefcase and a messenger bag.


This is useful for lawyers, accounting professionals, designers, medical professionals, service people and also other experts that transport documents/laptops to and also from the workplace.
It’s the best selection to come with a fit that you’re using to function or for a meeting.
An attaché situation is a smaller sized lavish case that can be made use of to take a couple of records or a laptop computer into a conference or presentation, without the requirement for a full sized brief-case.

Carrier Bag

This is less official and more functional than a briefcase.
It’s implied to be carried over the shoulder or go across body.
It works wonderful for casual work environments or when taking a trip for a vacation.

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