5 Lies Men Tell Women While Dating

5 Lies Men Tell Women While Dating

Have you at any time dated a guy who has lied to you, no matter whether it was a small lie or a huge 1?

Did he tell you he was vegetarian when he chowed down on a charcuterie platter 3 hrs ago?

Did he explain to you he was single when he had a spouse and a few young ones at house?

These are all lies.

Maybe you can forgive the to start with two, based on who he is and no matter if he has lied about other issues, but the last a single is of course a offer-breaker.

Here’s the matter, some guys (and gals) lie when you first meet up with them. Typically, it’s for the reason that they want to impress you, persuade you to go on a day with them, or develop a relationship with you.

Other times they had no intention of lying, but it fell out of their mouth in advance of they even understood what was occurring, and it was way too late to take it back. What can I say? Men do dumb things occasionally.

But that does not alter the reality that a lie is a lie.

Listed here are 5 of the most popular lies gentlemen explain to when dating.


Often, you will meet a male who is a pathological liar.

He tells you he’s the CEO of a company when he’s stacking shelves in Walmart. He tells you you are the most attractive female he has at any time achieved, but you’re the third girl he’s stated that to this week. He tells you he’s heading back again to his hometown for the weekend for his brother’s funeral, and he does not even have a brother.

Beware of adult males who lie, whether it’s a compact white lie or a large a person.

What else could he be lying about?

Your Mentor,

lies men tell women

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