10 best tips for your plumbing

10 best tips for your plumbing

The 10 best tips for your plumbing is something that you should really read about. Plumbing is a facility of our home that in some time in the future we are surely goind to deal with it. We usually do not spend much of our time in thinking about the potensional misfunctions. But then comes the moment something suddenly stop working or just facing a problem, something that we surely can ignore.

Dealing with plumbing problems has nothing fun in it. This work can cost us in terms of money and time. This is the reason that we make this guide in oder to inform you about some of the best plumbing tips. Take your time to read them, so you can avoid some of the most common issues when it comes to home pipes.

Attention in not pouring oil into drains

Fat and oil remainings will eventually accumulate in your pipes. You are not going to notice it at first, as you will think that this is fine because as a liquid it can go dowm with the water. But over the periods these type of fats and oils will clog your pipes and cause to your residence serious hydraulic problems. Think about your home pipes before pouring this cooking liquid inside your drain and remember to choose a safer disposal option. For example, you can wait for the fat to solidify before throwing it in the compost bin.

Drain filter usage

Always remember to use a drain filter in your facility. Blocking of pipes is one of the most common plumbing problems. In case of showers or sinks, they can become dirty and disgusting thanks to remaining of hair and soap. The filter can help you avoid the blockages that may occur from them.

Don’t throw things inside your pipes

There are some things that should be rinsed and some things that definitely should not. We can surely understand the meaning of this. If you start rinsing things different than body waste into your toilet, eventually there is the risk of causing serious types of blockages, that we bet you surely do not want to deal with. This includes toiletries, balls, medicines and toilet paper. In case you notice that your toilet is clogging more often, there is always the chance of additional causes, that could be the root of your problem.

Main water supply location

Plumbing is not the type of work that you actively learning. Althought. it is very important to know the location of the main water valve of your home and how to act if there is a problem. In case of a broken water pipe, turning off your main water supply is going to help you minimize the damage, until our team get’s there for help. If you do not the exact location, you are going to spend a lot of time and your residence will suffer from significant water damage.

Find potensional leaks in your toilet

Toilet leaks can be a real pain. Remember that if you manage to find them early, then it will be more manageable and could save you some more serious plumbing problems on the road. One of the places in your toilet that you will most likely find a leak, is your toilet flush valve. The flush valve seal is what prevents water from flowing from the tank into your toilet bowl when it is not in the flush state. Early detection of leakage in your valve seal requires a simple test: food coloring.

No, you did not read it wrong. All you need is a few drops of food coloring in your toilet bowl. Check again in a few hours. If some of the colored water has found its way into your toilet bowl, it means you are leaking.

Make sure your main drain accessibility

While your plumbing is usually out of sight, it is important that the main drain is always free and clean. This is because in the event of a sewage dam, we must be able to move quickly and efficiently. Remember that an access point into the sewer should be uncovered and always easy to reach, without much difficulty.

Prevent your plumbing from freezing

This is not a problem for the summer, but as times passes and winder comes, the temperatures are dropping sharply. Once they fall down enough, your plumbing will have an increased risk of freezing. The best thing you can done in this case is to make sure that the air is always circulating inside your home and that there is a minimum temperature of 16 Celsius. You should also insulate the external plumbing lines, to avoid possible damage.

If you have a room that gets particularly cold in the fall and completely cold in the winter, do not wait until then to look for options for better air circulation. Spend the warmer months finding solutions.

Avoid the use of chemical cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners can become incredibly destructive, when it comes to the health and well-being of your plumbers. People tend to use them because they are advertised as effective immediately, but they can do more harm in the long run.

If you need something to get rid of an annoying clog, natural cleaners are a safe drain cleaning option. It uses a natural bacterium that dissolves organic matter without damaging the inside of your pipes.

Examine the individual shut-off valves

Your plumbing eventually will need repair and this is something inevitable. Without a doubt, you are not looking forward to the day when you will have to turn off all your water for someone to come and do the work.

We have a way of dealing with it. Installing separate shut-off valves in your plumbing will eliminate the problem with or without water, because you will be able to turn off the water in different parts of the house when you need it. That way, if you have a problem with your bathroom, you can still use the kitchen sink.

Extend the life of your faucet

How many times have we been terrified of hearing this dripping, the drop, the drop of the tap, so we make sure the taps close as tightly as they can? This is really bad for your faucet seal. it wears out faster due to the increased pressure it experiences each time it becomes tight. Think of it as a pencil. the more pressure you put on it, the more it wears out. To avoid this, turn the tap until you feel the natural stopping point. do not close it by force. Like the pencil, you want to apply the right pressure.


Remember that we are there for you. You may take all the precautionary measures in the world, but like anything else, time will damage your plumbing. Eventually you will have a problem. We are here when things are difficult. We deal with everything from plumbing and sewer repairs to complete or partial replacement and anything in between. We will do everything, and we will do it right, guaranteed.

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